I have had the pleasure to own two Weimaraners in the last 17 years. Having grown up with hunting dogs as a young kid and teenager it seemed natural to gravitate to a Weim, for me anyway.

In a kennel outside my garage, she since being brought to our home in the last year has watched me almost 2 Xs a week load up and go hunt trout. If I could describe the scene, it would be similar to a kid at your vehicles door crying to go with, as early as 3:45 am.

So today I drifted the Hiwassee today with her and couldn't have been more pleased with her in the boat. Very comfortable in the water.

She thought she found fish here.

No.......over here.

Brought to hand 4 like this one in 3 hrs. of hard fishing on the Hiwassee today.

No bites till after 10 a.m. and they would take nothing but large streamers. 2 Gens. running and water temps in mid 60's. Notice the large tail on this rainbow.

Great to get out and even better with the dog!!!!

Thank You,