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    Default Technical Issues w/ User Interface

    Hey, I am curious if anybody else is having any problems with the user interface buttons when posting or replying to a thread. I can add text in the text box (otherwise you wouldn't be seeing this), but none of the buttons in the bar above the text box work. Additionally, I have my user CP set to WYSIWYG, which has always worked when replying. Now, if I try to move down to a second or third paragraph, all my text gets lumped together as if I don't know how to pause for a thought... Can anybody offer some help?

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    No problems for me. That sounds like a classical browser hijack.

    I would download Hijack This and Run it -

    Check any of the items that it finds that look odd and do not relate to a relevent program.

    Also; cwshredder is another great program -

    I hope these help...
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    Hey Travis,

    Everything seems to be working for me. I tried the URL insert and a smiley face.


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    Hey Byron,

    I think Shawn was onto something. I switched from Firefox to Chrome, and everything works fine now.

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