I look at the forum almost daily. Some post I might be able to add something. I tye flies, toy with bamboo rod restoration, truck camping and back country camping, dutch oven cooking. Trout, are number one. Next is blue gill, bass, walleye and on and on. First picked up a fly rod back in the sixties, dad had one to play with the blue gill. It was years later that I really got hooked on fly fishing. Now days I don't care to pick up any hardware. I love fishing mountain streams, some friends accuse me of fishing ditches, the streams being so small. I'll have to get Grumpy to walk me through posting pictures for fishing reports, if I can manage to catching any. I got to meet DeadDrifter1 and his fishing buddy last July on Thunderhead. Hope I get to meet everyone here on the forum one day on the water.
David Robinson