Made it back from FFF Conclave in Mountain Home. I highly recommend Gaston's Resort there. Fishing was good, just not enough of it with the show and all. Crowd was made it mostly of Arkies and MO's with a sprinklig of folks from Okie, Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois. I am not sure who drew up the boundaries for the FFF's Southern region, but they did not grow up where Robert E. Lee's birthday is a state holiday.

Our booth was set up next to that of Dave Whitlock. I had meet him a couple of times, but hereto had not had much of an opportuntity to get to know this icon. Here's a factoid about Whitlock that will surprise you. He went to grade school in Gatlinburg during the late 1930s when his father was a construction worker at Cherokee Dam. Just when you think you know the entire story about fishing in the Smokies, you learn something new. Guess where he caught his first trout...

Pretty cool eh?

Dave--he is one of the great ambassadors of fly fishing, in the South or worldwide. A very personable, quiet fellow I am sure you would love. Anywho. after vomiting after the GA game we headed home.