Tied this one last night after recieving all of my material while we were away camping this past weekend. Got home to some nice little bubble envelopes full of goodies. I used a Hareline Baitfish Emulator Flash for the body because I couldn't find some of the recommended material online last week. It worked pretty well, at least I was pleased. I could probably use a bigger eye, these are 1/4 inch pearl flash. I tied in a straight flashabou tail which didn't fan like I wanted it to, but, still gives a nice eye catching flash. Colored it up to resemble the local Striper favorite, the Alewife. All in all it took me about 2.5 + hours but I enjoyed tying it, think I'll experiment some more but I've got to order some more body materials, this thing really takes up the supplies!! It's around 5 inches long. I used a B10S Stinger that I got at LRO last year.

And one pic of the camping dog, happy as a lark to be out chasing the tame squirrels this weekend!