A friend and I hit the road Thursday for some camping and fishing up on the Tellico River. We set up camp at sourwood, which is just below the hatchery and within minutes hit the water. Thursday we fished below the hatchery and caught a lot of wild fish and lost one big stocker. Friday morning we fished from where we left off up passed the hatchery a ways. Again we caught mostly wild fish ranging from 3 to 12 inches but we did manage a few more stockers. In the middle of the day we ended up fishing just below Green Cove and absolutely killed the fish. I have no idea how many we caught, or the ratio of wild to stocked fish, but we caught a lot of both, some of which were a good 14 inches or so. To cut this post a little shorter I will say in the next 2 days we fished everywhere from 2 miles below Green Cove to way way above the hatchery and caught a lot of fish just about everywhere. Did I mention that dry flies out produced nymphs? even on the stocked fish the dry fly bite was terrific. We only managed 2 browns, and both were shmediums... But what a great weekend. Awesome weather, awesome fishing, terrific people in camp with us including boby lou ( he is apparently world famous). The camp was over run with bear hunters Friday and sat night, but they were friendly and just added to the experience. Anyone looking for some great fishing should just make the drive south...its worth it!