First of all, hello to the board, been reading it a while and registered before but couldn't post for some reason, seems to be fixed now. Thanks to all of you who post and make this board interesting and informative.

I love to trout fish but moved a few years ago from GA to AL (hard to find trout in AL but I live 5 minutes from smallie water so hard to complain too much).

Anyway, been reading the board for several years and have learned alot that has helped on some Gatlinburg trips plus some to North GA.

I first learned of the Neversink Caddis and Doc's cork flies on here and tinkered with a combo of those some and developed my fly - its a foam deer hair caddis, lately been tying some with hair from squirrel tail. Maybe it's not original but I haven't seen one quite like it and I have settled on it as my goto fly.

Smallies love it and a few Greenbrier trout have been known to eat them too. I go out pretty confidently for a day with just some of these, a few woolly worms and some killer bugs.

I have tied several colors but had best luck with color combos containing orange or yellow. Here's one in brown and orange: