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    Default Hunter's moon starts tonite

    OK, here's a post and a question gratefully not related to the government!

    Tonight is the start of the Hunter's or Harvest moon, do the fish party all night and sleep in and should I do the same and wait for afternoon shift?
    (Old wives or fisherman tales accepted)

    (Disclosure: All attempts for misleading information by known felons on this board will result in fishhole poaching when I catch up with you!!

    (Below is info from -nice site for all things heavenly)

    The full moon on Friday night and into Saturday morning – the night of October 18-19, 2013 – will undergo a subtle lunar eclipse. It’ll be the last lunar eclipse of 2013. This is a special moon for us anyway, in the Northern Hemisphere: it’s the Hunter’s Moon. This penumbral lunar eclipse is not as striking as a total, or even partial, eclipse of the moon. But very observant people, and/or photographers, might be able to see or capture it.
    Be forewarned. The moon will not dip into the Earth’s dark umbral shadow during this eclipse. At no time will it appear as if a dark bite has been taken from the moon. At best, the penumbral eclipse may be seen as a shading of the moon’s southern limb. This is a relatively deep penumbral eclipse, however, with 76% of the moon shaded by the Earth’s penumbral shadow at mid-eclipse.
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