The Mother in law had said she would take the twins for a night for our anniversary but kept us on the fence until finally the night before where she said she would do it Those of you who have parents that regularly take your children on some weekends and so you can sneak away for vacation without the kids need to thank your parents as you don't know how lucky you are. This was the first night she ever took them.

We met her at Cataloochie exit and got a meal at GiGi's which is convenient, good eating, and cheap. After saying our good byes my wife Holli and I headed for Cataloochie. Since it was already 2 PM even before we hit Cove Creek road we knew we weren't in for any long hikes and just took it easy. Once on Cove Creek road we got behind a Florida tag with the Park Ranger behind him. Needless to say we did 15-20 for the next few miles till the guy finally pulled over letting the ranger pass. While I'm not known to be a slow driver, I couldn't keep up with the ranger as we dropped over the divide into the bowl of Cataloochie. Once we hit the paved road we caught up with the ranger who was stuck behind a handful of tourons (I mean tourists) as we hit the first set of fields. A tourist walks up to the rangers car and hands him a shot gun shell casing, to which I confirmed my observation with the lady as we passed. Through another set of fields and off to the trailhead.

Fall is in full swing

The signs in this part of the park are much more professional looking

Working a ways up the trail

After passing several sweet holes found a few I couldn't pass up and while the fishing was really slow, I did manage to snag this guy

Then nothing not even a bite for 10-15 minutes. I was about to give up when this guy grabbed the dry.

Nice looking water abound

A few colors to boot

Glad just to be