While the fishing was pretty slow the day before I tried to set my expectations low as Nathan and I headed up to Elkmont. After a stop into LRO for some new fishing line, we headed into the madness of peak fall weekend to get in some fishing. The trailhead was so full we couldn't even get a spot and had to park at a pull off 1/4 mile away.

A view from the bridge

The news van was at the trailhead and so was a wedding. Nathan spouted out something like, "Government shutdown ends saving wedding crisis's throughout the park".

Since we weren't invited I guess it was time to hike in

My lousy attempt to capture some color

After passing a dozen or so fisherman on the hike up we finally reached some fresh water

Rigged up a double yellowhammer rig and within a cast or two had this guy

And just a few more casts had this whopper of 11.5 inches