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    I had been looking forward all week to hitting the Smokies with my newly rigged previously owned 2 wt. I hit Elkmont after the slow congo line train up the road behind the leaf peeper parade and was in the parking lot about 1:30. I think I was in the water as Ducky was leaving based on the wedding pics, the party was over as I came out later. It was a cool set up as far as weddings go, as Ducky's pics show. I made a note that for my thrid wedding it would be a great place until I remembered my third would be for money and would probably be held in Monaco with Puff Diddy as minister!

    I am suprised that I missed Ducky as I am always easy to spot in the water, I have been often told I look like a person from the movie "A River Runs Through It" when I fish. No, not the drunk girl even though remarkably we have the exact same tatoo and are often confused when walking away from people at the gym shower! No, more like the old man at the end trying to attach the fly (side note: notice the method in the movie, I have used for years after stealing the idea from a Scottish guy and rarely attach any other way).

    Below are pics from my phone camera, ever since reading this months TU magazine article about photographing catch and release, I anguish even more and have tried to choose noteworthy fish, in this case first fish on new 2wt in Smokies. If I keep reading any more articles about conserving our resources I am going to be down to no fishing just reading.

    Note flyline below this is a new flextec 2wt line I just got from England the buckskin color threw me at first but matched perfect with the fall leaves in water, low cost and I like it so far

    I started out with an #16 elk hair caddis on the 2wt, as I worked my way upstream and not having much luck, I slowly realized with all the leaves I would probably have to change out. I went to a pool with known past quarry and started casting, but saw nothing, finally like a grey ghost one rose up from the deep end of the pool but wanted nothing to do with the dry after about 5 drifts to it. I was sure he would be gone before I could change out but went for it and dropped on one of my newly tied green weenies and let it go, on about the third drift, fish on!

    Not a great shot but going for quick shot and release, a little blurry but about 8/9 inches I think.

    Hard to give up on a hole so I made a few more half hearted casts and felt like someone was behind me and sure enough I noticed about three or four people in fishing gear up above me on the trail. Than I saw what they were waiting on as I looked up to see what I assumed was their son who had jumped in about 40 ft above me in the next pool yell out and nail a 10 inch brown. Fishing ettiquite aside, they told me they had been fishing all day and that was the only one they got. Hopefully it will help a young man become a cult member like the rest of us, even though I am sure I heard the brown say to me, I was yours dude!

    On a side note the water was low in many places but I use those situations to learn river bottom structure that I normally can't see. I was working one pool on a backside when I flipped the line out and snagged a branch behind me. After the intial shock I try to tell myself two things, if you ani't snagging you ain't fishing in the Smokies and look hard you probably aren't the first.

    Sure enough not only had I found someone's secret pool but the evidence below verified it as I plucked from the magic free fly tree. If these are your flys I found your pool, these will be returned to anyone with accurate hole location and promise to show me more!

    Additional side note: I stopped at Metcalf on the way out around dusk for cigar and libation and was studying more structure in low water when I saw this, at first I thought they were lodged in the tree trunk on the bank but realized the tree not only had grabed the rocks but had grown around the rocks.
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    cool post, yeah the whole trail was a mad house when we were hiking up. I think we were a good bit above where you were fishing though. During the hike out we really didn't anyone fishing down below, but the during the hike up it seemed like there was at least one fisherman per 300 yards.

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