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    Default Ontario Salmon and Steel

    Made it back up to NY for another salmon season here earlier in October and man was it a blast!! Although conditions were off for a spell at first and that slowed the fishing considerably, things quickly picked back up once the rains finally came. And when the rain came, the fish came, by the hundreds... The salmon are always fun to catch but tiring on the arm after several dozen a day... However, it was a strong push of cohos this year that really made it all worth while. Cohos on the stringer always makes for a good day on the river in my book! Fun to fight and great for the smoker, I was content to fill my freezer with several from this recent trip.

    Then we have the steel... What can I say..?!? Don't let anyone try to convince you these Ontario steelies are in any way inferior. They will empty your reel just as fast as fish from other parts of the country! You really need to be on your game to bring them to hand. Being in shape to chase them down so you don't run out of backing also helps... And then sometimes there is just nothing you can do. I still managed to lose several big fish this trip that got the better of me, especially with the higher water. However, there were some that reluctantly found their way to shore for a quick photo opp. Unfortunately, now I have to sit tight and wait for spring until I get to see another flash of chrome... I can hardly wait!!

    Salmon Fishing; even chicks dig it...

    A beautiful day on the river...

    First fish of the trip, off to a good start...

    Anytime I have cohos on the stringer, I'm happy...

    Even more cohos from another day...

    A hard hitting fresh male king...

    Crappy cell phone pic is all I have of this one but what a beast she was... !!!

    Now this is a good looking brownie!!

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