Earlier this week, I received an email from a fellow forum member from Indiana. JRoss wanted to let me know he'd be in town and would be up for fishing if I didn't have anything to do. It just so happens that the wife is out of town and I had to stick around to feed the critters. So, yea, I was able to go fishing. Some of you may remember a couple years ago JRoss came down and outfished ChemEAngler and I. http://littleriveroutfitters.com/for...ad.php?t=15002 . Well, I wasn't about to let that yankee do that again. It was time to go to extreme measures. I pulled my ultra-lucky fishing hat out of retirement.

I had retired this thing while it was in its prime. According to the sniff test, it was definitely in its prime. But, it needed to be worn for this trip.

You'd think that someone who hates Gatlinburg on a good day would not choose to fish a stream on the other side of Hades on the busiest weekend of the year. Not I. I originally told JRoss that I'd meet him at the ranger station at 11. A little while later I changed it to 11:30. At 11:30, I text him "What a mess. I just made it to Gatlinburg". Needless to say, next time I fish this stream, it'll be a weekday.

We finally met up and made it to the water.

Cold and clear. I got lucky and was able to catch my first fish of the day.

I'm not about to eat these.

JRoss trying to get lucky.

But, not as lucky as I.

The sun didn't want to cooperate with good pics, but this shows how clear the water is.

After a little while, JRoss suggests we run upstream and try to catch a couple brookies before we call it a day.