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Thread: Fishing Report - 29 Oct. 13

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    Default Fishing Report - 29 Oct. 13

    Since the govt. shut down I have seen more stocking of streams than I can recall in the last 4 yrs. Is this unusually great news? The Hiwassee has for sure gotten some TLC this last week and the week before.

    I was able to get out a few times and the fishing is on. The catch has been on just about everything, drys, streamers and nymphs. Thanks to Delayed Harvest the results seem to be very good. Here are a few pictures.

    These guys took great care getting set up so the release was straight into the water.

    Many 8-12 in. fish.

    Had to get out in the drift boat!!

    Had this fish on the reel for at least a few minutes. Released in great shape.

    Dean, Rocky and Skip at the fly shop will provide you with great up to date info if you make it to Reliance.

    Thank You,


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    That's is a sweet looking boat AND 'bow.


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    Sweet boat and awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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    Breck, I really like the paint job on that boat! Very unique! Great job on catching some nice fish. It's good to see that the HI is fishing well. I had some very enjoyable days in cooler weather on that river...
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    I still need me a ride in that boat... some day!
    Nice fish,

    Tight Lines,

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