Madison Boats wrote about this fly a short time ago. Always being interested in new midge patterns I tied a couple up. I think it is always nice to know what others think when you give out a fly pattern. I have only got to fish them on my home waters which is a private section of a spring creek. This all being club waters. I have to say the fly did not work as good as I thought it would considering the fish feed mainly on midges. BUT.... today makes twice I have been out and could not get the fish to look at anything so I tied on a size 18 or 20 Jim E midge. In the first couple of casts I hooked and landed a 22 inch rainbow which probably went about 3.5 lbs. I was out the other day in the same section and once again nothing so I tried the Jim E midge. About the second cast I hooked a rainbow which I think would have went about 24 inches and close to 4 lbs. He jumped five times and the last jump was very close when I was trying to bring him to net and the fly pulled out. I'll be tying up a few more Jim E midges for my fly box.