Well gang it seems I did the unthinkable in stupidity and stayed too long in the Hoston River last week; the turbines came on and we got caught mid-river by the quarry off the explosives road. My friend bruce got swept down river and it was reaally bad; fortunately God was looking over us and I made it to him as he was barely hanging onto a rock. We should not have survived this experience; it was really that bad. By the time I got to Bruce the water was more than waist deep and really powerful; we never panicked, remained deliberate and knew we had help beyond ourselves.

I may have suffered a heart attack during the ordeal; docs can't tell for certain but I had a really bad EKG the next morning.

When Bruce got tumbled down river my Orvis 6 weight with Lamson reel was swept away; we have looked for it but I think it is the deep pool water just down stream from where this all happened. Even if the rod is broken Orvis will give me a new one... I expect the line will be visable through the water.

Wondering if anyone would either let me borrow a canoe or go with me to fetch it out?