Last Sunday Nathan and I headed to the Smokies to chase a few Brookies. While we had discussed the low water ahead of time we thought we would be ok. Well on the drive there more than two tributaries down the water level was noticeably low, and for once there were only two other sets of people roadside on the section, which usually harbors a dozen or more fisherman, so we decided to stay roadside. After scouting the road we found a spot and a section of stream that looked like it hadn't been fished. We were soon on the river and in just a minute had my first fish.

Nathan was working some nice water

You know it must be fall because you finally set your expectation so low that you are thrilled to even catch this guy.

Sure glad that is was content with this cause the next guy was the same size.

After a while they did get a little bigger, but no trophies so far

And then it finally happened

Sorry Mac, while I would love to have the fishing skills to be the next David Knapp, I can't really see that happening and the above photo will be as big as they get from me **** I'd be thrilled to catch fish half the size he catches

The colors were nice and it was weird be on a streambed that I'm familiar with from a whitewater perspective, but looked so foreign at low water.

And with better framing