With the touch of rain we got Thursday night, Freddie and I decided to go chase a few Brookies and see how the spawn was going

Top secret location Luckily the trolls let us pass

Sure was pretty everywhere you looked

Low water for sure.

Ran into a fella fishing with his wife and baby. It's always nice to see families out in nature. In his hurry to pack everything for the baby he forgot his floatant. I gave him a dab of gink and headed up the trail, realizing 10 minutes later I had an extra bottle of frogs fanny I should have gave to him.

We tested the water a bit lower down than I usually like and got my first catch

Freddie had one a minute later

Guess it was worth some more hiking

The water had quite a bit of debris that added to the challenge of getting good drift

Luckily I still snagged this guy

Low and clear. Stealth mode