Tuesday was my birthday, so I got to cut out of work friday and spend a long weekend in the mountains (sans wife & son). I packed a various assortment of gear, some hot dogs, and my old pooch and hit the road. We spent our weekend on a very long road in the national forest. I was a little dissapointed to not find any bigger fish, nor a brown or brook trout, which is a bit worrying, but overall it was a very relaxing weekend, although it got really cold at night. Never saw any bugs flying around, not even at night around the lantern, but the fish were eating dry flies 90% of the time. It was actually sort of disappointing, because i'd tied up a big box of nymphs, and hoped to drag them along the bottom, but I couldn't buy a nymph bite. I guess you can't complain when you're getting good action on top though.

A bit sad because he just got scolded for trying to grab my fish while it was still on the hook.

Homebrewed brown ale .

I'm sure many of you know where this is located, but as many times as I've been up and down this road, I've never seen this before. It was mounted in concrete on the side of a massive boulder off the side of the road. Kind of cool.

Buzz McManus, if you read this, will you shoot me an email? (Cody_Edrington at yahoo dot com). I had your email address (the ram appraisal one), but I've apparently written it down wrong, as my emails keep coming back as undeliverable.