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Thread: Clinch in the snow at 37 degrees with snow!!

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    Default Clinch in the snow at 37 degrees with snow!!

    Spoke with Mike Bone 3 weeks ago and had today set, rain or shine to fish not knowing it would be 37 degrees, 20 mph winds and snow,……. but a date with this guide was a date!!!

    I have fished with a few guides in the area and need everyone that reads this post ………to know, he is one of the BEST!!!

    I caught my largest trout ever on this river without him, but after today that statement is relative because of not fishing with him more often.

    I attempted 3 times prior to this trip to get a guide trip in his boat with always the answer…I' m full, but got a guy with another boat available. I held out till today and Mikes availability.(It's was worth the wait).

    We caught many fish today in the worst of conditions. The temps., the wind at 15 mph and blowing at his back while I needed him to keep me at a decent drift., the snow etc..

    This guide had a smile on his face and tied double nymph rigs like it was sunny and 90 degrees out!!!!

    No need to get a flight to Montana or Idaho with a guy like this in my backyard!!!

    Mike, if you read this… I know we only fished a few hrs. because I lost feeling of my fingers………but I sure look forward to fishing with you in the future.

    Thank you Mike ,…….. for bringing your "A" game.



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    Thanks Breck for the kind words and for hanging in on such a miserable day! How you managed to throw two tungsten nymphs and a strike indicator with a 20 mph wind at your back and frozen hands with almost no tangles is a mystery to me! well done my friend.well done!

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    If you think Mike is good you should have seen me on the sticks when I rowed for his outfit . In all seriousness I don't pay many compliments to anyone, and Mike will probably agree, but Mr. Bone is the happiest person you could spend a day with on the water, and without question one of the best guides in the business. I like to think he learned it all from me, but deep down I know better. Glad y'all had a good day on the river, and y'all are most certainly tougher than I am.

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    I see Mike on the river often. We have only chatted a few times, but, he seems like a great person. I have heard nothing but praise about his guided trips. Glad you fought through the elements and made the best of the conditions!
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    Thanks guys..easily the best part of guiding is the people you get the opportunity to share a boat with, and meet on the water. Hey WW..anytime you want to give up the good life and come on back, there's a spot waiting for you! Haha..

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    It's hard to beat a day on the river in the snow as long as you're the one fishing. For someone to row all day in the cold and still be smiling and showing you a good time definitely says something about the type of person they are. Sounds like an awesome day on the water for sure. Glad you had a good trip. By the way, where are the pictures?
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