While I have to drive at least two hours to get to any quality trout water I was fortunate enough to stumble across some trout fishing I had never done before. I was driving in Wisconsin and saw one of those yellow WI DNR trout signs on a pond that I never would have guessed would have held trout. Exploring the pond I found on one side of the road was a big spring. While I wasn't able to fish it that day I decided to come back and fish it the following January and sure enough the spring was flowing.

A closer look can show you clear the water is

And what was even better there were brook trout in the springhead. These fish were very skittish but, by being very stealthy I was able to take a couple like this.

The trout would take cover in the weeds and algae and as your fly came by they would dart out to grab it. You could see the strikes so it took a lot of discipline to to keep from striking too early. Normally the takes were so aggressive that the fish would hook themselves.
Usually trout season is closed around here unless you want to go to Iowa where it's open year round. So open water trout fishing in the dead of winter. Yeah, it beats ice fishing every time.