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Thread: Weird Day

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    A suggestion- Bear Spray. All you have to do is get close to your target. Shooting a firearm can cause you all sorts of potential legal problems and hassles even if you are legally justified!! As a USFS volunteer our LEOs recommend using it for self defense in last resort situations. Its non-lethal and works very well on Dogs, People as well as bears. I have a couple of out of date cans that I carry in our vests.

    I would strongly recommend some type of legal contact. What if you had been A CHILD!

    As a campground host, I get an average 2-3 dog "charges" a summer by "FRIENDLY" dogs. When the owners get upset over my pulling the spray, My comment is what if a child had been riding a bike or scooter instead of me.

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    Default Folks are right!

    What if it was a small child, or someone elderly? The victim may have been seriously injured or even dead, and if nothing is done, there will most likely be more victims.

    "Fly-fishing has many attributes, but none more pleasing than it's ability to liberate the young boy that still hides within me and to let that boy live again without embarrassment or regret, sorrow or anguish." Harry Middleton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    If you don't report it....someone else may be a victim and not so lucky. I'd suggest calling animal control and file a report. If they do their job....they will do a site visit and follow up with the owner.

    My initial reaction would have been to shoot the dog as well, which is a sad thought being i'm a dog lover.
    Like the other's have stated, you should report this on account of it could be a child or elderly person the next time. You could have fallen, hit your head & killed yourself. That report would have been just that & no one would have known better.
    I to am glad that the worse thing is the loss of a pair of waders, sure beat's what could have happened.

    I had a neighbor once that had 2 highly trained German Sheperds, he told me once to never come around them if they weren't home, that's kind of hard to figure being they had 2 vehicles. I went be boping over there one day, not thinking because his truck was there, they went to the porch & sat. They started growling the closer i got, i then remembered what he said & started backing away while they sat there looking.

    Now, if they were at home, i could walk in the yard & they'd run out wanting to play, licking all over you & acting like they were your dogs.
    He said all it took for them was one word to go into this disposition & i highly respected the dogs for their intelligence, i wonder if this is the same scenario tat happened here & the one dog over stepped it's boundary?


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    As I said, I talked to the owner of the house I rented.
    He said he'd go talk to them.
    He has 3 rentals on the same farm so he has a strong vested interest in this occurring.
    The owners of the dogs (when they were home) were friendly and I'm sure they'll be taken aback by what happened when they left and take corrective measures.
    I'll cal my rental guy and ask him if he followed up although I know he did.


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