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Thread: Best of times Worst of times

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    Hey DD!
    First of all I'm glad you are doing OK. 2nd I'm glad the cabin is still intact Looks like you've had a good summer, nice to see you fishing and writing again. Nice work as always. if there's such a thing as reincarnation i want to come back as you Well maybe on second though I just want your writting skills and fishing adventures. I'm so much better looking that might be hard to take take that step down This was without a doubt the least productive year of fishing I've had in a long time. Hope we can get together some time this spring.
    "Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
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    What a great story and am glad to see your cabin was okay. I went to Rocky Mountain National Park this summer and did pretty well fishing especially with the browns in the Big Thompson River. Your photos brought back some great memories of that trip. Mostly, about how I need to get out there again.

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    What a great read, love it! Congratulations on a great trip and a saved cabin!! As your son said, the forest will prosper, there were fires long before us and will be more long after us. Nature prevails and will regenerate in due time, but, I totally understand how thats not quite enough for us in the finite way we must live and think.

    We thinned our old hardwood timber 2 years ago because of drought taking so many mature oaks and it hurts me to look at it each day, but, the wildlife love it. They seem to be thriving in the slash and thick switches that grow off of the stumpage. Keep reporting, it gave me a breath of fresh air at a time when fishing the mountain streams seems like its 5 years away! Can't wait until Spring!
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    you may be better looking than I do and a better fisherman and a much better fly tier but ............... that ain't saying much cause virtually everyone I have ever met can say the same thing. let's make it happen this spring.


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    I am glad that your mother was ok. What a beautiful story and pictures...really has me missing the west!


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