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    Anyone ever fish buffalo springs..? I think they stock it every week.. I drove by it and checked it out. It looks super shallow.

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    I have fished it a few times, both before and after I started fly fishing. I actually did better there with flies than rooster tails, but I also didn't know how to fish a small stream back then. The parking lot area downstream from the waterfall is very very shallow but it gets a little better after the tributary joins in. I usually cross at the parking area, but you can cross the bridge over the fall and there is a truck trail that follows it for nearly a mile with one crossing before dead ending into a long run. I tried fishing my way down from there but only found fingerlings at that point, and was stopped by a long silted pool. A buddy has said he waded all the way down to the holston but I think he meant swim. I showed up on a Thursday afternoon once after having the place to myself the day before and learned it was stocking day, and all the locals knew it. They were out in force... Funny thing though, after the ranger nearly ran me over flying around the bend just past the crossing, he asked if I wasn't doing very good once he noticed I wasn't carrying a stringer. He seemed surprised when I told him I released them. Guess not many fly anglers trek back in there
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