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    Default Lake Erie Lovin'...

    I had totally planned to wait till spring but I just couldn't resist the chance to go chase down some more steel over the Thanksgiving holiday. Met up with a couple buddies for a day drifting the river and a good time was had by all. The water was way up and the weather was way cold so that made for some difficult conditions but we still had a number of hookups. However, only about a quarter of them managed to get in the net. The sad part was all but a couple were right to the boat.. That's just the way it goes though and part of what makes it sooo much fun!!

    So for a change of pace on the way home this trip, I decided to share the love with some Lake Erie steelhead and boy was it worth the stop!! I was very fortunate that I happened to hit one of the Western NY tribs just right as the water was coming back down. All I can say, is that it more than made up for the lack of photo opportunities during our float trip... In case you didn't know, sight fishing smaller creeks for lots of big fish is always a heck of a good time. I had so many fish to deal with that I quickly forgot about the ones that got away just days earlier. It really made the trip and the fish gods were definitely looking out for me that day. Not even sure exactly how many I had on or how many I landed but really didn't care... yes, it was just that good!!

    A fresh fish from our float...

    One of my fishing buddies with a nice buck...

    Not too bad for my first Erie steelhead...

    Followed very closely by my second...

    One of those famous Lake Erie footballs...

    And here is another...


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    A nice fresh fish...

    Another one finds its way to the net...

    A good size chromer...

    And another one...

    Such a pretty face on this fish...

    This guy put up a good fight...

    Here is yet another stout Erie chromer...

    What can I say about this bad boy... just an awesome fish!!

    Getting ready to go bye, bye...

    Artistic mugshot...

    Tight Lines,
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    Great report and nice job. Those are great looking fish.

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    Amazing report as always! Glad you were able to make another trip up there. All those pictures are great but that last one is especially nice...
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    Good stuff!

    Before too long it will take a Blue Tuna on a flyrod to satisfy you

    No point in visiting the Smokies anymore

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    WOW! Really some nice fish. I would love to make that trip one day. May I ask what fly patterns you were fishing?
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