Hope this report finds you and yours well!!

Those of you that have posted these last two months….Thank You. Helped get me through, losing a best friend unexpectedly. My mom. Nothing prepares a person for this and Thank God for Great Memories, pictures and remembering to not take one day for granted because they truly are gifts.

Spent this last month fishing with friends, sometimes alone, sometimes catching and most times just fishing and understanding as one door closes another opens.

So, here are a few pics of time well spent.

Frank lining up.

Nice Rainbow that Jason caught on a streamer.

I almost had a slam this day but missed it by a Brown.

This was a great fish brought in on the reel. Safely released.

This fish took a while to land and caught at least 5 like him.

27 Degrees on the Clinch and de- icing the guides every third cast, Frank getting ready..

This was a very cold day streamer fishing. Paying Dues. One day!!!!

Cold as it looks. Sun…..please come up!!

Heading home.

No one tells you how to prepare for the loss of a mom. Matter of fact I don't think I could ever bring the subject up to someone, even to the closest of friends. I can say this comfortably though, if you can…..call mom right now, tell her you love her and if you can…..take her fishing tomorrow. You won't regret it.

Thank You,