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    Default Fun with Thread

    I tied a few Sulphur Haystacks this evening and thought I would make one with a thread body. I like the slim profile. It has been floating in a glass for about a half hour now w/o any floatant. I wonder how long It would stay up in the stream?

    Sulphur Haystack
    Hook: Standard Dry
    Thread: Light Cahill 6/0
    Wing: Short Fine Bleached Deer Hair
    Tail: Same as Wing
    Body: Light Cahill Thread

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    That looks really nice! I think the fish will approve as most flies are tied too bulky it seems. As far as floating, I think it will work fine except in heavy water and you can get away with a more heavily dressed fly in that water type anyway.
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    Default Still Floating

    It was still Floating at 6:30 this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backtrax View Post
    It was still Floating at 6:30 this morning.
    It's not how well they float in water, It's how well they float once they have been in a trout's mouth

    Nice looking fly

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    Most dries float great for long periods of time in calm water. It is the capillary action of water with turbidity that helps them lose their buoyancy...and other things. Your fly looks fabulous and I am a proponent of the slim-line body.

    One idea to try is using pieces of old fly line (floating) for the body. It works great and you can use a lighter to taper it appropriately. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!
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    I've been working on filling up my fly boxes for next year. I've never tried tying a comparadun before but, this year I'm going to try. You're right the thread body gives it a nice slim profile just like you would see in an adult mayfly. Most of my mayfly imitations are tied parachute style or Klinkhammer style which works up here but, I think those flies would be drowned in the turbulent streams of the Smokies
    Deerhair is hollow so even a comparadun should float well in the streams in the Smokies. I've never heard of using an old fly line for a body before. It would certainly be a fun experiment to try. When you use a lighter to taper the body do you need to it in well ventilated room? Would there be an issue with the fumes given off?

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