I'm here until Saturday, but today and tomorrow look to be the only fishable days.

I started fishing right at the entrance at 11am, temp 37 degrees, but sunny. Once I acclimated a little, it was actually fairly comfortable. I had a heavy coat on which actually is nice because it protects you from all the thorns and brush. A small bonus I suppose.

The water was running quite high. I normally look for the "cafeteria line." Today the lines were running way too fast, so I was more interested in finding "the bedroom". I stuck with much slower pools. Had I brought small split shot to take the bead head lower, and some float'm to keep my dry fly floating, I would have caught more fish today no doubt.

Fished a small bead head nymph with a 12 dry fly indicator. Action was decent down in the low part of Cosby Creek, and got weaker the further upstream I went. Had 6 strikes total, but only managed to bring 2 to hand. One fingerling and one about 6 inches. Considering the bumbling, fumbling fisherman that I am, I consider that quite good on a winter day!

Cosby Creek is largely not a fishable creek - it's a bramble of bushes and thorns. If you don't choose your spots carefully, you will spend all day getting your line out of the vegetation. I have to re-learn this every time I fish CC (and the rest of the Smokies for that matter).

On that note, fishing in the Smokies is often very hard work for not much in return. You will bust your hump getting to a good spot, and if you are lucky you catch a fingerling. Quite a contrast to my favorite spots in New Mexico and Colorado, where you can fish a wide open stream half the size of Cosby and pull out 9-10 inchers with ease.

In any event, it was New Year's Eve and I was fishing.

The action on CC today wasn't much slower than the spring or summer actually, other than the fact that there was no top water action. I did see a few very small insect hatches occurring.

About 3pm, as the sun begins going behind the mountain, things slowed up considerably.

Tomorrow, I have to decide between watching Nebraska likely lose to Georgia, or go fishing one more time before I head back to Texas. Tough decision!