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Thread: Fishing License Validity/Purpose...?

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    Here are a few more beautiful antiques. Again, I agree they are not practical anymore and I do favor the new licenses. I have always admired the shadow boxes of my fishing mentors and noticed many of these buttons. Thought my fellow LRO Friends would enjoy their beauty as well...

    • Maybe TWRA could give an option to purchase a nice novelty pin to assist with funding different programs and initiatives...(?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
    Nice picture Shawn

    BFish - excellent point about copies. My not so smart self never thought of that and many times have license in other vest.
    I concur; very good advice and I wish I would have thought about doing such back in October. I always keep mine in a zip lock baggie in the side pocket of my shoulder bag along with my reading glasses. I was wade fishing this past fall on the Hiwassee when the water was off. They started a pulse and I decided to change my fly selection and as I reached in the pocket to get my reading glasses, the frame of the glasses caught the license and when I pulled it out, the license came out with the glasses and into the drink it went. My efforts to get it with my wading staff were fruitless as I watched it go down river like a huge strike indicator. I know there is a replacement fee, but since I have not been asked by the authorities to see my license since February of 2011, I was going to take the chance before spending the money on a replacement. At this point, I figure if asked for to see it before I purchase my new one at the end of next month, I will just tell him it just happened that day, he can always take my S.S. number and validate that I have one. Hopefully that will suffice.

    Also, those are way cool Shawn, thanks for sharing!
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    Those are some really nice buttons. Looks like I'll have to start checking out the antique shops to see if I can find any. Thanks for putting this thread together.

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