The weather cooperated and I was able to do a little fishing on Sunday with my buddy Martin, and we managed to both catch our first Redfish of 2014.

We found a school early in the trip, but they were tight lipped, and we had a second shot at them when another boat moved in and the fish blew out. Decided to make a long run to another spot late in the tide cycle, and it paid off. Caught a nice 28.5 inch red about 5 minutes in to the next spot:

We got that fish in and in another 10 minutes or so Martin was hooked up with a nice 23 inch fish:

I managed to catch one dink red after that, but the day was getting short and it was time to head back. Martin did a great job poling the boat in what was at times 10-15 kt winds. All in all a good day and a good start to the new year.