I grew up in the South in the 1950-60s. I recall when the Princess Theater in Morristown had a separate ticket office for “colored people.” I was in the seventh grade when the public schools were first integrated. I remember when MLK was shot and that next day at high school. I recall a racist past, but not once in my entire life I have actually seen a cross burned or person in a KKK robe. Do they exist? Sure they do. But I lived here for over six decades, and I have never seen one face to face. Frankly too, in me salad days I often frequented the places where one would have expected to see them too.
This supposed bucket stocking of Lynn Camp Prong is a lot like that. No one saw it, but it must be the culprit. This is going to make a lot of people upset, but then I am known for doing that. I’d bet a lot that there never was a bucket stocking. I cannot think of anyone who cares enough to work that hard. A crime without a motive??
Now, on the other hand we have a branch of government charged with doing a job, and saying they did it, and accepting a lot of money in return for their service who may—how shall we say this---did a “urine poor” job of getting rid of the rainbows. Of course everyone knows that for government workers to make mistakes is impossible, so it had to be the Kluxes who reseeded Lynn Camp Prong. Of course, no one saw them, and if they had, you know wearing those white hoods, who could have identified them.
Lynn Camp Prong is but another chapter in Obrookie Care story. Were it not so dog gone funny, it could me you cry how incompetent it all is.