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Thread: Streaming for Stockers.

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    Eh I HIGHLY doubt it's a holdover. It's a stream near Cumberland Gap that flows out of Virginia and runs into the Powell river. The stream is stocked only during the early months and gets hammered by local bait slingers(my self being a former bait slinger). The water gets really warm in summer and I don't think the oxygen levels are right. It's one heck of a small mouth stream though. We've got so many big smallmouths in this little stream. TWRA from my experience puts a few broodstock trout in every year and if your lucky enough you'll get one that made it past the corn, power bait and spinners. It's a put/take stream with probably the only catch and release fishing done by myself and friends. Still one heck of a catch in a small creek on the fly though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Congleton View Post
    your pals fish picture looks like it might be a holdover fish rather than a recent fresh stocker. Nice fish even if it is a stocker. The stream looks like it has some spring water flow in to it, and definitely has that limestone look to it. .
    The fins look too nice on that fish to have been a recent stocker. I would say holdover also.

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