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    Getting ready to head over to the south Holston Tuesday. I was wondering if anyone has fished it lately? Is it mostly midges right now or are the bwo hatches pretty reliable? Any info would help. Thanks in advance!

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    According to the South Holston River Fly Shop the bugs are showing up fairly well but still a bit sparse on colder days. Check out their fishing report for some more info. I'll look forward to hearing your report. Good luck!
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    Bwo's have been hatching pretty hard the past few weekends I fished the S.Holston...However; we took most of our fish on large/heavy midges. None of the patterns we have fished were on the local fly shop's menu.

    If the weather is overcast; there will be tons of BWOs...However; I think big 16-14, heavy, and midgey will do you right.
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