we got to the river at 8 o'clock I'd never even seen this river before really did not know what to expect..the water was pretty high and off color so we started with 2 large nymphs under an indicator. on my 5th cast I caught a 12 inch brown and on the next cast I caught an 8 in brown. 2 drift s later I caught a bow and after releasing that fish out of the same small run I landed 2 more bows.

The rest of the day was basically like the first hole. Cast , drift, set hook and repeat. I'm not sure how many we caught on the lower nanty...conservatively we caught at least 60. All of which were under 10 inches except that first brown.

At 3 pm we went WAY up river, where the creek looks like a beaver pond and is riddled with small brushy. Islands. My. Friend managed a 10 in brown up there, and I finally caught some fish on s dry fly. A size 18 parachute Adams. All in all it was an awesome day on a new river...a river I will def visit again.