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Thread: The Wader Debate

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    Default The Wader Debate

    It appears that after three seasons my Columbia breathable waders have given up the ghost. Iíve unsuccessfully tried three times to repair the leak in my right boot foot (the last repair attempt using the Loomis UV repair kit).
    I realize I will probably get a hundred different answers but I pose this question to the forum. What waders do you suggest in the $150-$175 range. I would love to buy a pair of Simms but I just canít justify the cost. Right now Iím leaning towards the Orvis Endura that retail for $159. (In April Orvis will send a $25 off coupon making them $134).
    I would love to get input on the waders you use or if anyone has any other ideas for repairing the leak in my current waders. Iíve turned them inside out and filled them with water to find the leaking area but my patch jobs doesnítí seem to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked_On_Fly_Fishing View Post
    if anyone has any other ideas for repairing the leak in my current waders. Iíve turned them inside out and filled them with water to find the leaking area but my patch jobs doesnítí seem to work
    Have you tried Tear-Aid? I have 4 patches where a mouse at poke patch decided to eat my fishy smelling waders that have held up for 4 seasons using Tear Aid. It is even good enough to patch my inflatable kayaks under many pounds ofpressure. With aquaseal you were always fine unless you were at a seam or in a boot etc then you were screwed. With Tear Aid it stretches and just plain holds up. Freddie even game me another set of waders that look like they don't even have much wear because he couldn't fix a leak. Now I have an extra free set that works perfectly. It's like duct tape only better because it waterproof, give it a try

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    this simms g 3 waiders do cost more than what you're looking to pay. however my experience as a full-time guide has proven that these waiders will outlast any other waideron the market I was getting one maybe one and a half seasons out of different brands and have had my G 3 Series for 3 years now. Also Simms will repair your G 3 waiders for free the first time they leak and if the seams ever leak they will always fix those for free as well. I'm not too brand crazy... I have lots if did brands of rods, reels, cases, and even lines. But when it comes to my waiders and rain gear I'll only use Simms..

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    Never understood why they discontinued the L2 waders.
    Durable, Gore-Tex, & affordable.

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    I have a pair of Simms Blackfoots and I haven't used them extensively yet but they seem very durable and they serve their purpose we'll. plus I got them for $150.....

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    In your price range, I think the Cabelas house models hold up as well as the other name branded waders.

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    Dan Bailey Barebone(built-in cuffs) @ 149.

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    I would search for some Simms. Fabulous warranty! Give LRO a call and tell them your price range. I am sure Daniel will guide you right. Plus; you will have a very reputable shop to support your purchase. To me; this makes a world of difference!

    Lately, I have been interested in Orvis's Sonic Seam Models. I found some previous models in your price range.
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    I gave up and started using LL Bean waders.
    Best selling point: they take them back and give refunds easily.
    2nd best: they pay shipping (print the label off the web).


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    Hey guys thanks for all of your input. I think I will get a pair of Simms and if they hold up as well as everyone says maybe my problem will go away. I will probably have to start with a low end pair, but my hope is that a low end pair of Simms will be better than most other waders in that price range.

    I looked up the Tear Aid but they appear to be a patch and I'm not sure they will work on a sock foot. Looks like an awesome way to fix a hole above the foot though.

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