I met a friend of mine at Little River Saturday for a few essentials and we were heading to the mountains for what was forecasted to be a perfect day in the Smokies. It was great to see so many people all excited about one of the first warm days to fish. Iíve read posts of Quill Gordon hatches and I was hoping the sun would produce some hatches and the trout would turn on. It seemed that everyone in the shop was headed to Elkmont so we decided instead to try a couple of different areas past Metcalf. The water temperature wasnít perfect but the sun was bright and it just felt good to get on the water. I had a previous engagement and was only able to fish until 3:30 but the dry fly action just hasnít heated up yet. I didnít get so much as a tug on nymphs but I did manage to catch a couple on a Quill Gordon. I saw a few random Quill Gordonís coming off and was shocked to see them make their way across the stream with the trout having no interest in an easy lunch. I also tried a wet Quill as a dropper with zero interest. It appeared to me that only a few fish are really starting to look up. Iím sure had I stayed a little later the hatches would have gotten better but Iím still not convinced the fishing would have.

Perhaps others on this board had better luck than me but I think prime Quill Gordon fishing is still a few weeks away. This was the best fish of the day.