Yep, here until Sunday to do nothing (well, I do have to sprinkle in some work) but fly fishing.

Landed today, and promptly drove from the Knox airport to LRO. First time I have ever been to LRO. Biggest fly shop I've ever seen! I picked up some leaders, tippet, and some dry flies.

I went upstairs and met Byron - nice fellow.

Next stop was the grocery store, and it was jam packed with the Spring Break crowd.

Two boxes of ding dongs...check
One giant box of Frosted Flakes...check
One gallon of milk...check
One box of strawberry pop tarts...check
One pound of Starbucks breakfast blend...check
Two breakfast burritos...check
One rising crust frozen pizza...check
3 pack of Movie Theatre Butter popcorn...check

I hate crowds, so I'm going to be on the eastern side of the National Park the entire time. I'll let the crowds have everything from Greenbrier west. That over there is just crazy and not my idea of getting away from it all.

That's ok, because my cabin is in Cosby. Tomorrow, I'm heading over to Big Creek. Never fished it before. Depending on how I like it, I may spend the week alternating between Cosby Creek and Big Creek.

It's possible I will drove over the mountains to Cataloochee, too, though that place is remote so I'm gonna have to pack a lunch!

I will keep everyone updated on my progress.