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Thread: Brown Trout -South Holston Report

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    Default Brown Trout -South Holston Report

    Headed to Tri-Cities with Frank Tuesday night for preparations of a great trip for the "First Time" on the South Holston!!

    Our trip was to be guided by John at EFO who is a local boy and grew up on the Soho. I needed to get a 9 wt for heavy streamers so after arriving at 8 p.m.the night before our trip I called the fly shop , they closed at 6 p.m. but Ben the owner was more than willing to open the shop for us. Customer Service!!!!!

    After gathering info and supplies we checked into the Carnegie Hotel for a great nights accommodations.

    We met John our guide and proceeded to start our day of fishing with bad weather on it's way.

    Here is Frank at the boat ramp next to a RO drift boat.

    Frank with the first fish of the day.

    My first fish of the day.

    This trip was faced with terrible weather conditions and in spite of all the rain and dropping temps we stayed focused with the help of John on making the best of a bad day. The pics that follow are in the worst of weather conditions and ended up being a great day shared by close friends, EFO and a great guide on the Soho that I hope to spend time with soon on the Watauga.


    The day was tough. We didn't catch any fish until the conditions were the worst. We threw streamers all day!! Epic day of Brown Trout thanks to EFO and especially John our guide. Can't wait to go back!!!

    Thanks guys for an epic day in bad conditions.


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    Awesome report! That is the type of weather I usually get.

    I dig the RO Boat! Thanks for sharing the pics bud!
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    I told you that pulling those streamers was addicting and there's no 12 step program for it. Congrats on a great day.

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    Awesome pics as usual

    I knew you would be a believer once you got to the SoHo You are turning into a streamer fanatic. Maybe you can go back and catch some of those Brownies on a dry fly next time, which is what I find so magical about that river

    Glad you made the best of a not so great weather day

    And while that lunch looked pretty good, I still think Rocky has them beat

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