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Robinryder2, no worries from me buddy. I only fish there when all the tailwaters are blown out with rain and the mountains are just as bad. It is sad that people in that area litter the natural resources so bad. My buddy told me there are bears that frequent those streams as well.
That's how I am with those streams. Kind of last resort or if I need a couple for the skillet. But you need to take a drive up there and look. It's really disheartening. Below the mill dam at gap creek there are literally 3 toilets in pieces scattered everywhere. It's sick. But as far as the bears go you're right. My dad has done some work for a guy that lives on Indian creek and on one trip the homeowner said dad missed seeing a bear by a matter of minutes. Something to keep in mind while keeping one eye out for the locals. Haha

Seeing how my father and I have had a couple bear encounters on tellico and north rivers, he didn't seem to mind. Lmao