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Thread: Streamers on Sunday

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    Talking Streamers on Sunday

    I would have not taken full advantage of the wife and kids being out of town if I hadn't tried to go fishing 3 days in a row

    I had made plans to fish with Breck on Sunday. Unfortunately he likes to get going at the butt crack of dawn so I had to set me alarm for 5AM On top of that the weather wasn't nice with rain, but it did turn out to be a decent day

    I met him at just before 7 at the Hiawassee Corner Market where he treated us to breakfast before heading to the river. This would be my 3rd time fishing with Breck, and like all previous trips we were streamer fishing. And not the wooly bugger kind of fishing either. Breck like those huge articulated streamers that seem to be as big as most of the fish I catch in the Smokies

    I am still a total newby at streamer fishing and finally after 3 days of trying still only cast between 15-25 yards, but am starting to get the hang of it. Now I just need to learn add the right play to the streamer to get the fish interested

    When we made it to the stream it was still raining pretty good.

    I'm only used to looking at the Hiawasse on 2 generators and it was nice to see it with less flow creating some really nice runs

    Lots of places with slow water and deep holes

    After throwing for what seemed like an eternity, Breck finally hooked into a nice fish. I on the other hand was just glad to have a follow at this point.

    Breck and his beauty

    The rain started to taper off and we worked our way upstream covering over a mile of stream I finally started to have a muscle spasm behind my left shoulder blade from the week of painting and 3 days of fishing and knew I was done for the day. I did manage 2 more follows, and still need to work on my retrieval speed (Breck said I gave them too much time to inspect it) and giving it better action. Hopefully I will get the hang of this new technique pretty soon and will start to be a threat to the big fish.

    Breck landed a few more and I was glad to just be out there even if I was skunked for the day. He even insisted I get a picture with his nice fish so if he posts it you'll know it wasn't mine. Breck also took some much nicer pics that I will let him decide to upload or not.

    While it easy enough to go with what you know and catch fish, I have committed this year to expanding my fishing game. So streamer fishing and bow and arrow casting in the Smokies are the two techniques I plan to really work on to make me a better overall fisher. So I guess some fishless streamer days should be on the agenda as well as plenty of hooking of Rhodo (like I don't get enough of that already) in my future

    Thanks Breck for a great day

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    I'll finish Ducky,... w/ a few pics.....

    Thank You,


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