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Thread: Double bladed paddle length for solo canoe?

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    Default Double bladed paddle length for solo canoe?

    Learning of the pending demise of the trusty old Royalex canoe (posted here) helped me get off the fence and go ahead with the purchase of a Old Town Guide 119 for solo smallie fishing. To go along with this purchase, I am planning to buy a double bladed paddle, but have no idea what length to get. My Google searches have turned up recommendations for everything from 240cm to 280cm, (which is more than a 2' difference) and I don't know which way to go.

    Some points to consider:
    I'm 6' tall and almost that wide (not really, but let's go with "large framed");
    The Old Town Guide 119 is 31" at the beam;
    I plan to move the seat forward closer to the mid-line of the canoe and maybe drop it an inch or two lower than it comes from the factory;
    When paddling my 16' tandem canoe I usually use a 53" straight-shaft, T-grip paddle.

    So, those of you who have some experience using double bladed paddles with solo canoes, what length would you recommend I get?
    Fly fishing - it's cheaper than a bass boat!

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    OK, so I guess the Guide isn't actually a Royalex boat (it's triple layer polyethylene), but I'm still glad I got off the fence and made a purchase decision. And I still need to figure out what size paddle to get. Any help in that regard will be appreciated.
    Fly fishing - it's cheaper than a bass boat!

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    If you were looking for a yak paddle, the 240 would be right for your height & that boat width.
    Being in the canoe, you'd be sitting higher & will need a extra length to get to the water.
    Checkout Bending Branches paddles, they have an adjustable(length) fiberglass paddle that is sweet.
    We have 2 Royalex in our store, a 12 & 16, if i weren't a big yak fan, i'd have that 12'r.

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    I'd say 220-240 would be good. You are welcome to come by and try various lengths and figure out what you want be good for you. I should have all lengths between 210- 250.

    I hope you get more use than I get from my canoe I bought from CinciVol

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