While I hit a hot fishing streak a little while back, I haven't been able to fish in the last 10 days and with the latest rain event missing the Smokies decided to ditch paddling today and head to the Smokies for some Brookie fishing. My wife just changed jobs and I needed to be home by 5 which cut the fishing a little short, but I made the best of it.

Stopped by LRO and gave Byron his foamies. We chatted for quite a while then after purchased my troutfest ticket, as well as my duplicate license (how I lost it already), some tippet and Frog's Fanny and headed for the river.

Parking lot was jammed packed. Lucky for me they were headed a different direction. I started my hike taking in the transition 10 days makes in the Smokies. The forest floor was barron and now was alive once again. Spring Flowers are starting to come out nicely.

This is a wildflower forum isn't it

Don't worry I hit the river soon enough

And after a few pools got this guy

I decided to hike up a bit further

Fishing was slow at first and I only managed 3 in the first hour of hard fishing

First one on the dry