Clinch River Report (April-2014)

The Clinch has been fishing well lately. It seems to have settled in to a nice daily cycle now that the generation schedule has changed for Summer Levels.

Fish Mongers are getting active! Watch out for them with a passion. They can be dangerous predators. Also; the river bottom is still super slick. Scuff up those felt bottoms or use a staff!

Bug Activity I have noticed lately: [As of April 11, 2014]

  • Adult Sulphurs (bright yellow)
  • Sulphur Nymphs (olive)
  • Midges (Yellow, Black, Red, Olive)
  • Scuds (Grey)
  • Cressbugs-Sowbugs (Grey)
  • Black Flies have been lacking a bit...

Midge emergers have been a blast to fish lately. I have caught several 15-20" fish on this pattern lately.

Pattern Tying Instructional: