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Thread: Cosby creek today

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    Default Cosby creek today

    Me and my grandpa decided that the weather was just to nice to sit around all day, we made the 30 min drive to Cosby creek campground. I caught 10 fish altogether (7 brookies, 3 bows). All but one of my fish was caught in the park. My grandpa caught 2 bows. We both used pink weenies. The biggest fish was a 7 inch bow caught by yours truly . What a great way to spend a Saturday!!

    Tomorrow is reserved for paint creek .....

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    that's great. I wish I could have gone. glad to hear they are bitting

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    Glad you were able to get out there with your GrandPa

    The memories you are making will serve you well. Looks like you are finally starting to get the hang of Smokies fishing It's amazing how it harder to get from a couple of fish to 10 or so than it is to go from 10-50, so you are through the hardest part just need to put the pieces together

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