We are fresh back from the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival in Waynesboro, VA. It was a great fun, and the grammons were really swarming on South River. I really like delayed harvest waters. Nice folks up that way, but a bit cosmopolitan for my tastes. I prefer drinking wine right out of the bottle. Folks up that way say they like STM, which is always nice to hear.

Have a trip to N.GA to Frog Hollow next week to help them exercise their pet trout there. That should be great fun. We'll be at Thunder Valley in a couple weeks. I am curious how that event will go. They had a rough start last year, but the speedway has enough money to burn a wet mule, so I expect to see some positive changes. It's a fabulous facility that could grow to the size of the VA event.

We finally got the April/May issue of Southern Trout up and out. It was a toughie with so many new people in place. The plan is for the June/July issue to be a "second anniversary" special produced by a new creative team. So far what I have seen them design really looks good. The whole thing is beginning to smell like a business, which makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Proofs of the new book were waiting on me upon arriving home. I have already made a list of over a dozen patterns I should have included in the book, but that I did not. It's too late now, but if it sells okay, we'll consider a second volume. I'd rather see someone else do it though. There's no shortage of folks who are more than capable and knowledgeable.

Anywho, it's nice to be home where I work in shorts and flipflops again