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Thread: First Trip to the Smoky Mountains

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    Default First Trip to the Smoky Mountains

    I have been reading the forum for a couple of years now and have finally got a week long trip planned for the end of June.

    I am needing advise on where to stay and fish. My son and I are planning on base camping at the Elkmont campground and taking an overnight excursion into the backcountry. Is this reasonable? Is there fishing at Elkmont? What about a good backcountry site for the excursion? Any and all recommendations would be appreciated. Also, thinking about hiring a guide for half a day to show us around, any recommendations?


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    Elkmont will be a great base camp. Jake's Creek flows into Little River right by the camp ground, and both streams are worth exploring. Little river is bigger and has a good mix of rainbows and browns whereas Jake's creek is smaller with mostly rainbows. The only knock on Little River near Elkmont is that it tends to get a lot of pressure so don't expect solitude. You can mitigate this by fishing really early or late, or by hiking a mile or two upstream.

    Backcountry sites depend on the distance and difficulty you're looking for. The upper part of Deep Creek and Ravens Fork are my favorite backcountry areas, but both are fairly challenging hikes.

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    Great choice of campground....absolutely love Elkmont. If you want an overnight excursion I would hike to CS24 if not closed for bear activity. There is a new campsite at the Huskey Trail head which is only about 3 miles with elsewhere in the park the truism about the fewer fishermen there are the farther back you walk is absolutely true.

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