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    Hello LRO message board.

    I'm new here but not to fly fishing. I have made it to the smoky mountains a couple times for some fishing with little luck. It has been mostly at summer vacation time unfortunately. Mostly scouting runs seeing what is where and how hard it is to get there.

    I did get to go to some of the out of the way streams, but rain was normally on the menu. High and fast streams with no luck.

    Any advice on where and where not to fish in and around the smokies what to use and not would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would do use the [Search]: feature on this forum first to see if it can help you with some specific questions.
    Then, browse the forum {Smoky Mounting Fishing}: and I am sure you will find tons of topics that can guide you forward.

    There are some fabulous fisherman on this forum that will help you find the joy in a safe way! Wish I could help more; but, I haunt the tailwaters most of the time.
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    Thanks for the info MadisonBoats. The Smokys and Cherokee are a great area but the vacationeers doing their thing makes it tough at times. I am in hope of missing out on the mass rafting in Cherokee when/if I go. The Smokys are just over fished at times in some areas as well as over play time is some streams by kids of all ages too.

    I will be spending most of my time in Western North Carolina and South Carolina.

    But one of my normal haunts is:

    Thank you again for the help.
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