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Thread: first trip this weekend

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    Default first trip this weekend

    Trying to fly fish somewhere in the smokies this weekend but have never been so I don't know where to go. I am coming from knoxville so close to that would be best, but I am willing to drive. I was hoping for suggestions from you guys on where to go and what to use. I have heard the little river is a good spot, but any other suggestions of good places with good scenery and good chances of catching fish are appreciated.

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    Matt LITTLE RIVER TROUT UNLIMITED is holding our annual Great Smokies cleanup tomorrow. We meet att Metcalf Bottoms picinic area LITTLE RIVER road. at 9am . We pick up litter from 9 to noon then have a cookout than most of us fish. Look for cars and park trucks allow at least an hour from Knoxville to Metcalf, if you want a.introduction to TU and Smokies fishing here it is.
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    as an outsider for the last few trips to the smokies I might make a few suggestions,
    first don't underestimate the advice of staying hidden, I have doubled my catch per hour of fishing by changing my shirt to match the forest. I have also increased my cph by not entering the stream, stay out of the water when ever possible when wading , be patient.when entering a pool cast near/mid/far you could end up with 3 fish per pool
    breath deep and enjoy every moment, the smokies are a special place

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