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Thread: local colors for Galloup Stacked Blonde

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    Default local colors for Galloup Stacked Blonde

    Kelly Galloup ties his Stacked Blonde streamer in white, yellow, and chartreuse. Would those colors work locally, or would others work better? All suggestions appreciated.

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    I've had a fair amount of luck flinging large white streamers at trout in local waters, like Galloup's Sex Dungeon, Barr's Slumpbuster, big Wooly Buggers, Deceivers, etc. I've not tried the Stacked Blonde, but I'll definitely put it on my to-tie list, and definitely in white... and brown... and olive... and black... and... As for chartreuse and yellow, I'd say they would work on the local bass just fine.
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    I've fished my own variation of the Stacked Blonde in yellow and white with good results. On occasion fish seem to like the black as well. If I'm going to throw darker more natural colors I tend towards more natural looking patterns that imitate sculpins, etc., but that's just me.
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    I usually sling his zoo cougar of all his patterns...However; I haven't thrown a streamer in a while since the river has been down.
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