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    Default Headed east

    In the morning the ST mule train departs Alabama for Cullowhee, NC. First stop is the is Chattanooga--the Moonpie HQ. Working on a sweet deal there...

    Anywho, from there it's to Pigeon Forge to finalize plans for the Wilderness Wildlife Week 2nd Southern Trout Fly Fishing Fair in 2015. It looks like we might go two days this year. We're quite excited about it.

    Next stop is Cullowhee, NC and the Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival. It's the last such shindig for us this spring before the ICAST Show in Orlando in July. I saw the floor plan to the fest yesterday--it looks about twice the size of last year. I know for a fact that Marvin Cash has poured heart and soul into this.

    Mrs. Kirk has curtailed me giving out cigars. It appears that the parents of some of the younger children I treated to sticks complained to the local authorities in Bristol. I never really understood the problem, but the long and the short of it is no more cigar gifting. Strange world we live in these days, eh?

    STM Newsletters are still not going out on Mondays like they should--always this or that throwing a wrench in the works. The good news is that the June/July issue of Southern Trout is on schedule. It is completely redesigned and looks great. I am very anxious for everyone to see it. It's still country as cow paddies, but the fonts is bigger and we have a self imposed limit now of only 25 miss speeled words.

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    Wow, with all due respect to our friends to the south, going from bama to Cullowhee is really moving up in the world! You sound busy Don! hope you have some fun! I laughed about the cigars.
    “The world is full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.”
    ― Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through It

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    Default Survived NC--caught fish too

    We limbed back in from Cullowhee earlier this week. Nice trip. Hats of to Marvin Cash for a great show. A bit disappointed that no Little River TU or NPS folks saw fit to go over to the personally collect the check for the BBQ fund raiser.

    Found a neat micro brewery beside the stream. Innovation Brewery is a neat place to wet your whistle when in Sylva. Neat town, but gas is 40-cents a gallon higher there, so tank up before you go.

    Stop over in Chattanooga netted Moonpie as the official "snack food" of Southern Trout. In the future we'll be passing out Moonpies instead of cigars, pending the okay from my probation officer. I am thinking about a Moonpie Diet, so if you have any suggestions on that subject, please share.

    Locked in for the Second Southern Trout Fly Fishing Fair on the last Saturday of January 2015. They pulled the reins back on my plans for a two day fair next year, saying let's go a bit slower. Looking forward to having lots of tables for vendors in the hall, plus a casting pool. FFF will have casting instructors. Hoping for get Project Healing Waters on board so they can raise a few bucks. If you have any questions or want on the program, contact me at Fred Turner is the only one so far to be on the program.

    No more road trips until mid-July when we go to the ICAST Show in Orlando. June/July issue is on schedule. We're pretty excited about it. We've been approached to take Southern Trout to print, but my doctors says my liver might not hold up to deal with the three P's again (printing, paper and postage). Of course I'm just vain enough that the idea appeals to me.

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